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Unique Handmade Gifts &
Original  Art

My collection features my original art, unique stationery and decor, and pieces I've handmade fro​m my original art.

All of my work combines my passions for upcycling, illustrating, hand-lettering, and themes of travel, memories, and nostalgia.

I've had the privilege of hand-making tens of thousands of products and sending them out into the world, and am especially proud of the personalized pieces commemorating some of people's most special memories. I'm super grateful for the years of support throughout the evolution of my products.

I've worked with shops across the US to collaborate on creating customized and unique handmade product and souvenir lines and their customers can't find anywhere else. Using my original art, let's create some for you or your shop!


Handmade Art & Gifts
by Cadence Mapes

White Structure

Latest Creations


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