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Combining lifelong artistic exploration and entrepreneurial endeavors, I launched my first online business "Cadence Innovative Designs" in 2008. It all started with fondness for valuing the old and discarded and a passion for sustainability  which eventually evolved into my own line. I began with upcyled maps, typewriter keys, buttons, and other ephemera and created jewelry, accessories, and home decor.

After several years successfully selling my line at markets, home parties, craft shows, and events, I also began selling unique and custom pieces to artisan galleries and boutiques across the US. My interest in promoting the value of handmade, local, and more eco-friendly products led me to open a brick-and-mortar handmade studio and shop from 2011-2013 to help other artists' work be seen and sold alongside mine and bring unique items to the area that weren't already represented.

2014 had me refocusing on my custom-made work for shops, galleries, and groups, while also beginning to revisit and create more original art pieces again. After lots of requests to use my artistic skills to create custom artwork for specific locations that reflected my love of travel and places I've lived and visited, I created a hand-drawn line of stationery and souvenirs featuring my own original art. All of this led me to the decision to combine all of my favorite things into one brand that echoes my unique style and love for vintage finds, travel, and creating artfully-inspired decor, in hoping that everyone can find the kinds of things I love having around to inspire me wherever I make my home. My work has been featured in The Boston Globe, Veranda Magazine, and other sites, blogs, and publications. 

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